Student Services


Remediation Clinic
A Learning Specialist Coordinator and Learning Specialist are available to assist students who struggle in our academic environment. This program is available by teacher referral.

Extended Care Program
St. Barbara Catholic School offers Extended Care whenever school is in session. The on-site staff coordinates this program as an extension of the school day. Supervised outside play and homework/study time are available for any student enrolled in the St. Barbara Extended Care program from 3:00 (or early dismissal time) – 6:00 PM whenever school is in session. There is an additional fee for this program.  Any child left on the school grounds before 7:30 AM or 15 minutes after dismissal is taken to Extended Care. Parent will be billed accordingly.

When there is sufficient demand, Extended Care may be offered during fall, Christmas, and Easter breaks.


Hot Lunch
Hot lunches are provided by every day that school is in session for a full day. Parents are required to order online 2 days before day being served. Parents' checking accounts are electronically debited for payment. Click on button below for more information on Choice Lunch.