Student Activities

Decatholon Team

 2019-2020 Academic Decathlon Team

Students have the opportunity to participate in the following extra-curricular activities contingent upon maintaining a C average in subjects and a C in conduct and effort.

Student Government
Student government is organized and developed so that it not only provides services to the school, Church, and community, but also develops responsibility in the students and enables them to become more effective leaders in the democratic process and in a Christian society. Faculty members act as advisors to the council which consists of a Commissioner General, Assistant Commissioner General, Secretary, Treasurer, Commissioner at Large, and Commissioners of Publicity, Religious Activities, Safety, Ecology, Spirit, Assemblies and Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics. The board organizes food and toy drives for the needy, runs a recycling program, organizes pep rallies and middle school dances, and holds fundraisers to pay for assemblies and "fun days" for the student body. 

Academic Decathlon
Students who show a dedication to academics are invited to participate on the Academic Decathlon team. The 10 members study their chosen curricular areas of mathematics, English, literature, art and music, social studies, religion, science and prepare for Logic and Super quizzes. The Diocese-wide competition is held in March. The Diocese champions are invited to the state competition. 

Celtic Press
Students write articles and poetry for the yearly trimester editions of the student newspaper, Celtic Press.

Altar Servers
4th through 8th graders are invited to serve the Church as altar servers. Students are scheduled to serve at weekday and Sunday Masses.