Parent Organizations

 The strength of a Catholic school is determined by the active involvement of parents, parish and community in support of its mission. Opportunities for parent involvement include:


  • Parents Association
    The St. Barbara Catholic School Parents Association is an organization responsible to act as a liaison between the school and parents. It is also dedicated to ensuring the viability of the school through fundraising efforts. The Board positions of President, Vice-president, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected by the parents at the May meeting for the following school year. Committee positions are elected by the board.
  • School Advisory Board
    The Diocese has decreed that each parochial school shall have a school advisory board. The St. Barbara Catholic School Advisory Board consists of three officers (President, Vice-president and Secretary) and the Chairpersons of Finance, Development, Technology, Buildings & Grounds, Legal Issues, and Spirituality. All positions are appointed by the Principal and/or Pastor. Under each of these chairpersons are committees. The board is made up of school parents and other volunteers from the larger community who are interested in the well being of the school in the present and sustaining it into the future.
  • Booster Club
    Every parent/guardian who has a child participating in after-school sports or cheer programs is a member of the Booster Club. Under the direction of the Athletic Director, the Booster Club helps organize team parents, carpools and snacks for games, runs snack bar at home games, runs the "New Year’s Tip Off Classic" and "B" Basketball tournament, assists at games and playoffs,  and organizes the end of year Sports Banquet. Various fundraisers enable the purchase of uniforms and sports/training equipment and upkeep of the gym and sports field.