Covid-19 Guidelines (School Opening) REV 012921

                  St. Barbara School

COVID-19 Safety and Prevention Plan 2020-2021

This Reopening Plan has been updated to reflect the State of California’s COVID-19 Reopening In-Person Instruction Framework and Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2020-2021 School Year issued on January 14, 2021.  19/Consolidated_Schools_Guidance.pdf

As required, the school has posted a COVID-19 Safety Plan (CSP) on the homepage of the school’s website. The CSP includes the school’s Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP) and the COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist. The detailed plans describing how our school meets the requirements outlined in the CSP elements are found in this Reopening Plan.



Face Coverings


  • Face coverings are mandatory for grades TK-8, unless there is a medical reason one cannot wear one, especially when social distancing cannot be feasible. All staff in all grades will be required to wear a face covering.
  • Face shields will be provided for students who are sitting at their desks working and not walking around the classroom.
  • Students in all grades will be required to wear face coverings when they are walking to and from classes, during physical education classes, and when they are in social settings that are outside of their designated cohort/grouping.
  • Students may remove face coverings when eating, drinking, or taking a nap.
  • Face coverings must have 2-3 layers of protection. Neoprene masks are not preferred as they do not remain on the nose at all times.CPDH recommends disposable 3-ply surgical masks, which are more effective than cloth face coverings.
  • Gaiters, bandanas, or similar face coverings will no longer be acceptable.
  • Those who refuse to comply with the face covering requirement will need to resume Distance Learning from home.


    Morning Drop-Off/Afternoon Pick-Up:


  • ··Drop-off and pick-up will be through car line only
  • ··Afternoon dismissal-teachers will walk classes outside In order to limit access to the campus and keep all safe, there will be no walking the students to class

    .     Students must walk to class on their own.

  • ··Students will walk to their classrooms starting at 7:30 AM.
  • ··Students will have temperatures scanned before entering the classroom
  • Parents, you must notify the school if you or your child has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • At the first onset of symptoms, please keep the child at home.
  • If a child is sick and will be participating in Zoom classes, the school office MUST still be contacted.
  • Students will have hands sanitized/washed before entering and exiting the classroom.


    • Grouping of Students

  • ··Students will remain in their designated classroom groups throughout the day, including recess and lunch times, as well as during PE instruction and other extracurricular opportunities.
  • ··Middle School students will utilize block scheduling to limit the number of transitions between classes.
  • ··Middle School classes will be disinfected in between transitions as needed
  • Classroom Supplies/Student Supplies:
  • ··Supplies will NOT be shared amongst the students.
    • §o Teachers will have a limited amount of extra supplies that can be shared with students who need them on an emergency basis that will not be required to be returned.
    • §o Supplies must all fit in specific supply boxes and labeled with student names. (See school supply lists for more information regarding supplies)
  • ··No backpacks with wheels will be permitted, to reduce the amount of dirt or germs brought into the classrooms.
  • ··Backpack storage will be in the interior hallway. Students will be allowed to put their packs away in small groups.
  • ··Backpacks can be sprayed with disinfectant once all are hung up.
  • ··Middle School students will not utilize lockers until further notice.
  • ****Uniforms and cloth face coverings should be cleaned daily-attention to personal hygiene will be addressed with all students (importance of daily showers, baths, clean clothes, as well as proper hand washing and face covering when coughing or sneezing)****
  • Classroom Furnishings
  • ··Desks will be set up following 6 ft. social distancing guidelines.
  • ··Tables will have individual shields/privacy screens.
  • ··Desks will be outfitted with Plexi-glass or individual desk shields when feasible to avoid the spread of germs. This will not take away from the fact that students are to wear face coverings at all times.
  • ··Desks will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day.
  • ··TK and Kinder will nap on raised cots that will be sanitized daily. Nap mats will be used in addition, and those mats will be stored in plastic bags and sent home to be cleaned weekly or every few days. Mats must be purchased in the school office.
  • ·· Drinking fountains will not be used. Students must have a reusable water bottle properly labeled with the student’s name for WATER ONLY.
  • Campus Access to Visitors:
  • ··All visitors must have temperature screening and wash hands/use hand sanitizer upon entering campus
  • ··Temperature and name of visitor will be recorded by our school secretary
  • ··All visitors must have a cloth face covering when on campus
  • No birthday lunch parties will be permitted this year
  • ··Personal lunch delivery for students (parent/family drop off of daily lunch) is not allowed this year-students must come to school with their lunches or order from CATERTOTS. No other meal delivery or access to the kitchen will be allowed.
  • ··Emergency lunches will be provided this year. However, supplies are limited so it is encouraged for students to remember to bring their own lunches.


  • Recess/Lunch Time/PE
  • ··Recess and Lunch will be split into 3 times to allow for proper social distancing.
  • ··Lunch tables will be spaced according to social distance guidelines

  • ··Sanitizing stations/handwashing opportunities in addition to the restrooms will be available to students after play time.
  • ··Playground/lunch staff will wear face coverings/shields while supervising students.
  • ··1 class at a time for PE-all activities will allow for social distancing.
  • Grades TK and Kinder will not dress in PE clothes. Grades 1-8 will come to school and remain in PE clothes the entire day that they have class. No dressing out unless absolutely necessary. Multiple sets of PE clothes are encouraged, and they should be washed after each use. Drop off of extra clothes will not be permitted unless there is an emergency situation.
  • ··Proper social distancing will be encouraged for all, to the best of our abilities, for all outdoor activities.
  • ··All equipment will be sanitized after student use.
  • ··Limited access to the basketball courts will be given-grade levels will have specific courts and play equipment.
  • ··“Big Toy” will be sanitized daily. One grade level per day will be admitted. Students must sanitize their hands before and after entering the big toy.
  • ··Again, NO lunch drop off will be permitted. No fast food or other food deliveries after school hours have started. Students must bring their own lunches or order from CATERTOTS.
  • ··At this time, no after school sports will be available to students.



  • Sick Child Policy Update
  • ··Students must be fever free for 48 hours before returning to school if they are sick.
  • ··Parents must inform school if the child was given Tylenol or any kind of fever reducer before coming to school and for what symptoms it was given for.
  • ··Parents must notify the school if parents, students, or anyone in their household have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who has COVID-19.
  • ··Students are not to return to school until they have met the CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation from the CDC website if they are thought to have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • ··An empty classroom or the health room will be used for quarantine of children with fever, vomiting, or if they exhibit COVD-19 symptoms and will be sanitized once the student is taken home. This room will be monitored by a staff member who will be outfitted in proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • ··Any student experiencing a rash or eye infection will be sent home and will not be readmitted without a note of clearance from a doctor.
  • Facilities
  • ··Restrooms will be cleaned multiple times a day by our maintenance person.
  • ··Floors will be cleaned daily.
  • ··Desks and all shared surfaces will be wiped down multiple times a day.
  • ··Rugs and other hard-to-sanitize surfaces will be removed to eliminate spread of germs.
  • ··Plexi-glass or plastic window shields will be placed on the front counter for the safety of the secretary.
  • ··Extra work stations will be added to the front office counter to assist with enrollment and limit traffic to the business manager’s office. (When will this begin?)
  • ··Swing door/ chain barriers will be installed to limit the traffic to the business manager’s office.
  • ··NO use of water fountains-students must bring their own reusable water bottles.

  • ··Social distancing signage will be placed throughout the campus.
  • ··Students will be directed to follow a designated traffic pattern for entry and exit of buildings, while maintaining proper social distancing. (does this include Bldg. 1?)
  • ··Parents will have to request access to the campus from the front gate, utilizing our Door-Bird program.
  • ··Teachers will be discouraged from gathering in close quarters such as faculty rooms, workrooms/supply rooms, and the front office.
  • ··School equipment such as computers, iPads, phones, tables, or other commonly used surfaces will be sanitized after each use.
  • Contact/Tracing/Communication to Community
  • ··Principal will manage contact tracing.
  • ··Principal will create and submit lists of exposed students and staff to the local health department.
  • ··Principal will notify those who become exposed to confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  • ··Principal will be point-of-contact for the local health department regarding all things COVID-19.
  • ··The school will communicate information as needed in accordance with FERPA and HIPAA guidelines to the community via email/text/call/information sent home with students as needed.
  • Training on COVID-19 Related Information
  • ··All faculty and staff will be trained on proper use of face coverings, hygiene practices, symptom awareness, and all other information related to COVID-19 using the guidance and information provided by the California Department of Public Health (
  • ··All information will be made available to all parents, students, and shareholders prior to the re-opening of school.
  • ··Students, faculty, staff, and parents will be educated on all proper precautions and all policies and procedures prior to and upon returning to school.

Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 for Students, Faculty, and Staff Positive COVID-19 Case

In the event of a positive case, the school will:

  1. Schools must adhere to required reporting requirements and notify, as described below, the Local Health Department (LHD) of any newly reported case of COVID-19 in a student or staff member if the LHD has not yet contacted them about the case,
  2. If the case is present at school at the time the school is notified, the case must go home and be excluded from school for at least 10 days from symptom onset date or, if asymptomatic, 10 days from the date the specimen was collected for the positive test.
  3. Assist LHD in identifying close contacts of the case. Send a notice, developed in collaboration with the LHD, to parents and staff to inform them that a case of COVID-19 in a student or staff member has been reported and that the school will work with the LHD to notify exposed people.
  4. Arrange for cleaning and disinfection of the classroom and primary spaces where case spent significant time. This does not need to be done until students and staff in the area have left for the day.
  5. Implement online/distance learning for student cases if they are well enough to participate.


Required COVID-19 Reporting

  • The school will notify the local health officer of any known case of COVID-19 among any student or employee who was present on a school campus.
  • The school will utilize the Orange County Health Care Agency’s Investigation and Contact Tracing Processes and Guidance for OC Schools” (December 2020) to report all positive cases and close contacts.
  • This information shall be reported to the local health officer by telephone within twenty- four hours from the time an individual within the local educational agency or private school is first made aware of a new case.


Please see below for the measures we will be following from the County Department of Public Health:  VID-19/Schools%20Reopening%20Recommendations.pdf



Cluster or Outbreak at School

When either a school or LHD is aware that an outbreak may be underway, the LHD should investigate, in collaboration with the school, to determine whether these cases had a common exposure at school (e.g., a common class or staff member, bus ride, or other common exposures outside of school). CDPH defines a school outbreak as 3 or more confirmed or probable cases of staff or students occurring within a 14-day period who are epidemiologically linked in the school, are from different households and are not contacts of each other in any other investigation cases (e.g., transmission likely occurred in the school setting).


During the investigation, the school will:

  1. Notify parents/guardians and school staff of a cluster/outbreak investigation related to the school and encourage them to follow public health recommendations.
  2. Identify, as part of the CSP, one or more school staff member who can liaise with the LHD regarding the cluster/outbreak investigation by confirming which classes and stable groups included confirmed cases or symptomatic students and staff members, and if recent events or gatherings involved any cases or symptomatic persons.
  3. Identify absenteeism among those in affected classes or stable groups, and coordinate with the LHD to contact these absentees to screen for symptoms of COVID-19 if they were exposed to a case during the case's infectious period.
  4. Coordinate with the LHD to share a line list of cases and contacts with dates present at or absent from school.
  5. Arrange for cleaning and disinfection of classrooms or other areas where cases or symptomatic students or staff members spend significant time.
  6. Coordinate with the LHD on notifications to the school community, including specific notifications of stable groups or classrooms regarding their exclusion status and instructions.
  7. Coordinate with the LHD on whether and when the school should be closed and reopened.
  8. Notify the school community if the school is to be closed for 14 days due to widespread and/or ongoing transmission of SARS-CoV2 at the school or in the general community, and repeat recommendations for prevention and control measures (see sample notification #3 in Appendix 2).
  9. Implement online/distance teaching and learning during school closure.
  10. Arrange for cleaning and disinfection of entire school before reopening in the case of closure.

Testing of Students and Staff


  • When a student or staff exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, the student or staff member will be sent home and testing will be recommended.


  • School employees and students who need testing should either go to their health care provider or a state-operated or other community testing site.


  • The Department of Managed Health Care has filed an emergency regulation to require health plans to pay for COVID-19 testing for all essential workers, including school staff.


  • In addition, tests are available at community testing sites throughout the state. Please note that the Diocesan Reopening Guidelines are being updated to communicate this information.


    School Closure/Return to Distance Learning


    Individual school closure, in which all students and staff are not on campus, is recommended based on the number of cases and stable groups impacted, which suggest that active in-school transmission is occurring. Closure should be done in consultation with the LHO. Situations that may indicate the need for school closure:

    • Within a 14-day period, an outbreak has occurred in 25% or more stable groups in the school.
    • Within a 14-day period, at least three outbreaks have occurred in the school AND more than 5% of the school population is infected.
    • The LHO may also determine school closure is warranted for other reasons, including results from public health investigation or other local epidemiological data.


      Length of closure: 14 days, or according to a decision made in consultation with the LHO.



      Travel Requirements

      The State of California has updated its travel policy with the following provisions:

    • Non-essential travel (for recreational purposes) should be limited to 120 miles from the person’s home.
    • Californians who travel outside the state or the country must quarantine for 10 days upon their return to California.
    • Visitors to California from other states and countries must also quarantine for 10 days upon their entry into California.


With this in mind, please limit recreational travel to no more than 120 miles from your home. If you must travel outside of California or outside of the United States, you will need to quarantine for 10 days upon your return to California.



**Disclaimer**Please continue to monitor our school website for more COVID-19 updates. All changes will be posted as they are made. We appreciate your collaboration and partnership during these times!