Distance Learning Spring 2020

The administration, faculty and staff remain committed to our School Mission during the Covid 19 crisis. These are examples of how we continue to serve our students and families.

Switch to Distance Learning: Last day of school was held March 13th.  Grades 5-8 students were sent home with their Chromebooks, all students were instructed to take all text books and resources home. A packet of school work for 3 weeks was sent with all students TK-Grade 4.

Teachers began to use Class Dojo and Google Classroom as of March 19th. Using Zoom, teachers are required to have at least 2 office hours to be available for parents and students. Teachers are posting daily assignments, giving tests, and even giving lectures online. Teachers are required to check emails every hour during school hours to be available to assist students and our wonderful parents. 

Mrs. Baroldi continues to do morning announcements via Facebook - including special intentions and birthday and Baptism recognition.

Parents are kept up to date through emails, text messages, and bulletins. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to spend time with their children.

United in Faith: This is the time to build a closer relationship with God. 

We continue our weekly Student Mass time asking the families to join on Tuesday morning watching morning Mass together from home.

Students continue to have daily Religion assignments. 2nd grade continues sacrament preparation in order to receive 1st Holy Communion as soon as possible.

We ask our families to join on Fridays to pray the Stations of the Cross.

In this Year of Prayer, we join Pope Francis in his calls for prayer for the end of the Covid pandemic and for increased faith.

Parent bulletins include information on resources for live-streamed Masses and Holy Week services both local and from the Vatican, activity pages for younger children, and our prayers for their safety and health.


The Diocese along with our principal and teachers and staff recognize the challenges of navigating these new waters. But together, we can get through this. We remain committed to serving our students, families and new families interested in enrolling for the next school year. 

Please know that as soon as possible we will be available to serve you!