Parent Examination of Conscience

“The sacrament of marriage is the specific source and original means of sanctification for Christian married couples and families” (Role of the Christian Family, n. 56). As married couples, we are to examine our lives in light of the responsibilities we have to God’s call to holiness. These responsibilities are fourfold in nature: 1) to God; 2) to our spouse; 3) to our children; 4) to society at large. By rooting out sin and through the healing and empowering effects of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we will be able to attain the holiness to which we are called." United State Conference of Catholic Bishops

The following is a portion of the Examination of Conscience for Married Couples to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This portion can also be used as a daily reminder of the ways to fulfill a parent's responsibility to his/her child(ren).

Responsibilities to Children:

  • Have I cared for the spiritual needs of my children? Have I been a shepherd and guardian as God has appointed me? Have I tried to foster a Christian family where Jesus is Lord? Have I taught my children the Gospel and the commandments of God?
  • Have I prayed with them?
  • Have I been persistent and courageous in my training and teaching? Have I disciplined them when necessary? Have I been lazy and apathetic?
  • Have I talked with them to find out their problems, concerns and fears? Have I been affectionate toward them? Have I hugged them and told them that I love them? Have I played or recreated with them?
  • Have I been impatient and frustrated with them? Have I corrected them out of love in order to teach them what is right and good? Have I treated them with respect? Have I spoken to them in a sarcastic or demeaning way?
  • Have I held resentments against them? Have I forgiven them?
  • Have I been of one heart and mind with my spouse in the upbringing of the children? Or have I allowed disagreements and dissension to disrupt the training, educating and disciplining of our children?
  • Have I undermined the role of authority in the eyes of my children by speaking negatively against God, the Church, my spouse or others who hold legitimate authority over them?
  • Have I been a good Christian witness to my children in what I say and do? Or do I demand one standard for them and another for myself?
  • Have I been properly generous with my children regarding money and physical and material well-being? Have I been miserly? Have I been extravagant, thus spoiling them?

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