Middle School Religion

7th gr stations


6th GradeReligion (225 Minimum Weekly Minutes)

• Studies the Signs of Faith
• Studies the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation,
Communion, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony, and Holy Orders
• Studies the Old Testament: creation, sin, and God’s promise
• Studies the Covenants: the Covenant of Sinai, the Freedom Covenant, and the Covenant of the World
• Studies the mysteries of evil
• Studies the Holy Land and the Promised Land, the coming of Jesus, and the Catholic Church
• Studies holy days and the saints
• Observes and celebrates the Holy Days of Lent
• Participates in altar serving and the choir
• Participates in liturgical celebrations, weekly masses, readings, petitions and prayers, and prayer gatherings
• Shares daily prayers or petitions
• Participates in community outreach through Pennies From Heaven and Jump Rope for Heart
• Donates items for the needy during Thanksgiving and Christmas
• Raises money for the Holy Childhood campaign
• Required to complete community service hours



7th GradeReligion (225 Minimum Weekly Minutes)

• Recognizes God as a personal God who reveals His teaching through Christian scripture and the Sacraments, which are visible signs of God’s grace uniting us in faith
• Understands Mary’s role in salvation
• Understands the communion of saints as the union of all those who follow Jesus
• Understands and experiences prayer as memorized, spontaneous, meditative, and contemplative
• Experiences participation in a variety of prayer forms and liturgical celebrations
• Attends and participates in weekly liturgical celebrations and special days of observation
• Reviews the parts of Mass and properly responds
• Witnesses to life as a Christian with uniqueness and human dignity
• Understands that service is a response to the message of Jesus, and that the people of God have been and are active throughout history
• Actively participates in community outreach projects
• Understands the relationship of choices and actions in sexuality and Christian maturity
• Recognizes the moral guidelines for life as a guide for making good choices
• Learns formal prayer appropriate to grade level

• Required to complete 20 community service hours during the year.



8th GradeReligion (225 Minimum Weekly Minutes)

History and Doctrine
• Demonstrates knowledge of the history, challenges, and contributions of the Church from the First Century to the present
• Understands rites and traditions
• Understands how early Christian communities grew and related to the secular world
• Knows the heritage specific to the Church in the US
• Knows the history of major saints and leaders in the
• Understands the tenants of the Nicene Creed
• Understands the origin and purpose of Catholic doctrine
• Develops an understanding and ownership of the values and ideals of Jesus Christ
• Reads various New and Old Testament sources
• Participates in morning offering and petitions, noon prayer, and afternoon prayer
• Learns and engages in various forms of prayer
• Celebrates weekly Mass and special Church feast-day
• Composes prayers, introductory themes, and intercessions
Social Justice
• Actively engages in community service
• Appreciates the origin and development of the Church’s social doctrine (Beatitudes)
• Required to complete 20 community service hours during the year