chromebooks 2

St. Barbara Catholic School implemented a 1:1 technology program in the Fall of 2015 to adapt to the learning modes of 21st century students and to allow students to work at their own pace and level. The program was implemented with the goal of increasing student achievement and engagement. 

Students in grades 1-3 are currently using iPads in the classroom and students in grades 4-8 have Chromebooks. Originally the plan was to use iPads in all grades. In Spring 2013, 10 iPads per classroom were purchased. During the implementation, it was noted that 4th through 8th graders needed keyboards to allow for the development of writing skills. Chromebooks were purchased for Grades 4-8, and the iPads were distributed to Grades 1-3.

Students have access to Discovery Education Techbooks for Science Grades 2-8 and Middle School Social Studies. Grades K-8 have access to the IXL Online Learning Academy for additional support in math. Grades 2-8 are using IXL for Language Arts. Other grade levels will be added as they become available from the publishers.